Friday, October 8, 2010

Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR

Above about Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR.

The new 2010 variant moped launched by Yamaha Malaysia, the lagenda ZR sporty edition add a new perspective to its brother 115z. Its come in blue color with additional accessory features that unleash the maximum action on Lagenda moped. The Lagenda 115 ZR price start from RM 5,260.00 which is Rm 661 added to Lagenda 115z price.

And with RM 661 price diffrence between Lagenda 115Z vs 115ZR, the 115ZR additional features includes:
- a sporty rims star blue cast wheels
- tubeless tyres
- gas rear suspension
- illuminated blue LED speedometer
- illuminated white LED in luggage compartment
- illuninated blue switches indicator
- titlting footrest
- come with blue colour only

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